If you have seen some strange bumps appearing on your skin and you are not really able to decide that whether they are pimples or hives, then you should pay attention towards the appearance of ingrown hairs. Well, these reddish bumps might have been generated due to the hairs. If you have done something at […]

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Causes of Impetigo(Infantigo)

13 Mar 2017 In: Health condition

Impetigo(Infantigo) is a skin infection that is highly contagious and most common in children and babies. The condition is characterized by red, itchy sores on the face, particularly around the mouth and nose. The impetigo virus can thrive in personal items like bed sheets and washcloths, and if a person touches these items after someone […]

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16 Oct 2016 In: Health condition

A fracture is a break in a bone, sometimes accompanied by extensive swelling of the surrounding soft tissues, bleeding into muscles and joints, rupture of the tendons, contusion or severing of nerves, and damage to major blood vessels. Injuries are the most frequent cause of fractures, which are most common in men between the ages […]

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Erectile Dysfunction

27 Jun 2016 In: Health condition

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects nearly 50% of all men over the age of 40. ED is now well recognized as a consequence of vascular disease (a symptom of vascular disease in the smaller arteries). Any condition or disease which affects either the blood flow to the penis or the nerves to the genital area can […]

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For knowing ‘is the condition contagious after using antibiotics’, you need to understand the various types of pneumonia conditions. The types vary according to the causing factors which lead to this situation and you would notice a different set of signs of pneumonia when the infection is caused by virus than bacteria. Also, the treatments […]

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If we go back a few years in time, let’s make that decades, women had no option but to wait for a missed period to test for pregnancy.  A missed period was considered the first indication of pregnancy. However, today with the advancement medical sciences testing for pregnancy is not so much a nerve racking […]

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How to get a Girl wet

26 Mar 2016 In: Living Tips

If a female has a medical condition or is unable to get wet due to vaginal dryness of some sort lubricant may be the best choice. Not to say this article is useless to women with difficulty getting self lubricated because she should still be kissed, loved, experimented with and so on; it just may […]

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Blisters are very painful, puss-filled lesions that are most commonly caused due to friction and pressure that is exerted while a person walks.  Foot blisters can also be caused by frequent rubbing of small shoes and socks against the skin of the feet and by excessive amounts of moisture that is accumulated on the foot […]

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Is your heating and air system starting to show its age in your Atlanta home? Are you eager for greater indoor climate control? There are many factors to consider when deciding when to replace your home HVAC system. In this Atlanta HVAC guide article, we want to take a peek into several of the reasons […]

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Spring is in full swing here in the greater Atlanta area. After a winter that was worse than usual, local residents are welcoming warmer temperatures, blooming flowers and a chance to leave their winter coats at home – even if their umbrellas and raincoats are still essential gear. This time of year, the changing weather […]

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