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The connective tissues discovered beneath the pores and skin will develop fat which then push against the tissue inflicting the skin in these areas to turn into saggy or lumpy in addition to appear to have nods. This condition is referred to as cellulite. That is an unwanted look that can also be unsightly. There […]

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Whoa–what do you think? Is any of this surprising to you? I really don’t know how I feel about the implications of this study… :-/ But I think that there should be a distinction on what kind of activity…. And I want to know what churches they were looking at, because it’s obviously not representative […]

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Dear Sarah, I keep hearing about interval training. What is it? And what are the benefits? Shawn Dear Shawn, If you are short on time and yet determined to get in an optimal workout, then interval training is ideal. Interval training (in the fitness community we simply refer to interval training as I.T.) involves short […]

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Samantha Grice In addition to getting the scoop on all things related to having a healthy mind and healthy relationships for Love and Blueberries, Toronto-based writer, Sarah Treleaven also writes about love, life, work and sex for the National Post, Chatelaine magazine and a host of other publications. Q: You’ve taken on the “healthy mind” […]

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Isometric exercises are great for strengthening your muscles, especially the most important muscle, the heart. You actually work your muscles against each other by tightening and then relaxing them. This makes the blood pump to the muscles, and taking deep breaths as you exercise will open your lungs and strengthen them. When breathing deep, the […]

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Find out how naturopath and mother of two, Leslie Solomonian, finds time in her busy schedule to stay fit and cook healthy meals for her family every night. Q: Do you face any challenges in your efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle? A: What’s really important with eating this way is planning. You really have […]

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Abs is located in the midsection of your body. They are made up of the transverse abdominus, rectus abdominus, internal obliques and external obliques. Flat stomach, tight abdominals, ripped six pack abs is the dream of everyone. To get six pack abs you need to do two things: lose fat and Build muscle. ?You get […]

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