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How to get a Girl wet

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If a female has a medical condition or is unable to get wet due to vaginal dryness of some sort lubricant may be the best choice. Not to say this article is useless to women with difficulty getting self lubricated because she should still be kissed, loved, experimented with and so on; it just may […]

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Is your heating and air system starting to show its age in your Atlanta home? Are you eager for greater indoor climate control? There are many factors to consider when deciding when to replace your home HVAC system. In this Atlanta HVAC guide article, we want to take a peek into several of the reasons […]

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Spring is in full swing here in the greater Atlanta area. After a winter that was worse than usual, local residents are welcoming warmer temperatures, blooming flowers and a chance to leave their winter coats at home – even if their umbrellas and raincoats are still essential gear. This time of year, the changing weather […]

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There is no indication that this particular outbreak is a result of “contaminated feed” and there is no evidence of organic feed being “safer” or less likely to be contaminated than conventional feed. I think I’ll just smuggle in a wild hen from a warm region and let it lay healthy, unadulterated, organic eggs in […]

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Intelligent Design Or Not!

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In 1859 one mans view of the world changed everything.  Charles Darwin.  No design.  No purpose, Blind indifference.  Where did we come from?  We have to look at the incredible diversity and complexity in life.  What brought all of this into existence?  Was it simply chance and necessity with undirected natural forces?  Or is there […]

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Recently, a young couple in their early 30’s came to see me. They were having issues because she felt his interest in her was waning. He seemed unmotivated and he wasn’t initiating sex as often as he had in the past. Besides reporting some stress at work and feeling tired, he insisted everything, including their […]

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Introverts seek solitude, while extroverts thrive on being social. But how do these traits affect a relationship? Nancy Ancowitz, business communication coach and author of ‘Self-Promotion for Introverts,’ explains how to meet the needs of your introverted or extroverted partner. Q: What are some of the key differences between introverts and extroverts? A: The fundamental […]

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“Family Friendly” or “Employee-Friendly” Are employers too family friendly? In the article by Susan J Wells, Are You Too Family Friendly? She addresses equality between married and single employees. She makes several arguments the main points including, first, singles are becoming the shifting majority second, she addresses the problems caused by “family-friendly” opposed to “employee-friendly” […]

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I now have more than enough money and ability, in all ways, to purchase a beautiful, safe, quiet, comfortable home, with a tall, strong fence, and acreage, just outside town…for myself and my beloved animal companions. This home simply “shows up” in my life between now and July 1, 2007, easily and with little to […]

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Source: By SARAH TRELEAVEN Ever wish you could spend the night as a fly on the wall in another couple’s house? What do they fight about? How do they makeup? What can’t they forgive? Relationships aren’t easy so any insight into how other people make their marriages and relationships work (or what happened when they […]

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