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There was a story posted 9 April 2009 on a tech site, about the American Stonehenge, the Georgia Guide stones. It didn’t seem to register with a lot of people what this meant, or that coincidentally it was published exactly one year prior to the BP disaster. We all waited for BP to fix the […]

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Zero Calorie Foods: Dipping Sauces

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What types of zero calorie foods can you use for dipping sauces for seafood and chicken? I’m on a low carb, low calorie diet, and I don’t think I could stay on the diet without Walden Farms products. I eat a lot of beef, pork, chicken, and seafood, and I always try to use lean […]

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Minimal Invasive Surgery For You

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The cervical spine is the upper segment of the spinal column which extends from the base of the skull through the upper back. It encompasses the first seven vertebrae within the human spine. This section of the spine is easily injured, wince it has primary responsibility for supporting the weight of the head and so […]

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Snake Habitat is very vital

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There are approximately 2950 species of snakes found on earth and they are categorized into 15 families. There is much diversity in the reptile species. For example, there is a thread snake which has an average length of 10 cm. and there is also a snake called Anaconda, which has an average length of 25 […]

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The Game Hates it or Love it

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In conquering challenges in lives and managing all its ups and downs both genders need love to get through it easier. But in the dealings with finding a partner and falling in love is not always easy. The male and female species go through with it like a game in loving or searching for it. […]

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I am literally, sick to my stomach! I just read an article, if you can call it that, by David Romanelli about people that actually French Kiss their dogs! I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I know that I’ve seen people that let their dogs lick them in the face and around the mouth, […]

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Dogs That Eat Poop

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There are many harmful bacteria in the poop. Therefore, when the dogs eat poop before you it might be very unsafe for your health as well as your dogs. It is horrible to see that your dog is eating the poop. If the dogs that eat poop licks, your body then there is a chance […]

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Motivation Monday Make Yourself

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You are responsible for yourself. You can create a whole new you but it is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication. And you have to want it. Really want it. Getting in shape is a process. For some it takes small baby steps to get to ready and for others it […]

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