Blisters are very painful, puss-filled lesions that are most commonly caused due to friction and pressure that is exerted while a person walks.  Foot blisters can also be caused by frequent rubbing of small shoes and socks against the skin of the feet and by excessive amounts of moisture that is accumulated on the foot and sock. They can usually be healed by using anti chafing products and proper rest.

What is chafing?

Chafing is a term that is used for irritated skin. Chafing is usually caused by constant rubbing of one body part against another. Chafing can also be caused by sweat that is generated between the skin. Blisters on feet are known to be caused by chafing as a result of the toes rubbing against each other if the shoe is too small or uncomfortable.

What is anti chafing and how does it help foot blisters?

Anti chafing are is the complete opposite of chafing. Anti chafing involves relaxing the skin so that it can heal. Anti chafing products are usually lubricants that lubricate the skin and replenish some of its vital oils so that the friction can be reduced while a person walks around.

Anti chafing products are usually very clean, non-oily, long lasting, and comfortable which means that the blisters on feet such as the blood blister on toe are not rubbed against any part of the body allowing them to heal through the body’s natural process.

When a person is suffering from blisters on feet, they should use anti chafing products such as Body Glide or petroleum jelly to alleviate the pain that is caused by the foot blisters. These various products also provide relaxation and cooling to the affected area.

How to reduce foot blisters while using anti chafing products.

The use of anti-chafing products is always recommended to people that have foot blisters; however along with the use of the product, other factors should also be taken into consideration for a quick recovery from blisters.

In order to avoid blisters on feet, when going for a run or a walk, make sure that the shoe size is correct for your feet and that the socks are clean. Before wearing the socks and shoes, apply some anti chafing product to your feet (or the area that is infected with a blister).

If a person goes on a long walk or hike, after every 10 miles, stop and apply some more anti chafing cream, gel or any other lubricant to your feet so that blisters on feet do no not form.

Anti chafing products are very effective against the prevention and cure of foot blisters and should be used by professional athletes and the average person alike.