Everything about stye remedies and treatment

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stye in eye
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You might have come across styes or one of your relations or close friends might be suffering from this condition. So you might be having a lot of questions within you like what is it, what are the treatment options available, whether stye remedies could be done at home, whether styes can be prevented and so on. Whatever may be the questions we are sure that you will get all the answers for your questions and doubts.

What is?

A stye is an infection of the oil glands of the eyelids called the Meibomian glands. When these glands are obstructed due to the debris then there won’t be sufficient lubrication of the eyeballs as well and they may become a host for the infective agents to proliferate. The main causative organism for stye is Staphylococcus aureus. Hence the treatment focuses around the eradication of the causative organism from the infected area.


The eye stye is termed medically as Hordeolum. They are of two types- the hordeolum externa and the hordeolum interna. In the hordeolum externa it is present at the base of the eyelashes and in the hordeolum interna it is present inside the eyelids. Whatever may be the type, its treatment remains the same.

What are the signs and symptoms?

Initially there would be redness, watering and an itching sensation in the infected eye. Then there would be swelling of the local area which may increase in size if it is not treated. Some people may experience even blurring of vision and difficulty to blink. It is a painful and tender lesion. Within a day or two, the pus point may appear as a small yellowish spot at the edge of the eyelid just like a pimple.

Are there any remedies?

Yes. There are a lot of remedies for stye. You can know all the effective remedies by searching online.