What Does Green Feces Mean

Green feces can be quite natural and there are various reasons for the condition.

The first reason is something that the body creates naturally. The gall bladder secretes a bright green substance known as bile. Bile is used in the body to ingest fats and vitamins. As bile passes through the digestive tract, it changes color from green to yellow to brown (which is what is seen on the other end).

So, if green stools are seen, chances are pretty good that the food went through the digestive system faster than normal resulting in bile not being able to change its color from green to brown. This may be seen in green diarrhea as typically diarrhea doesn’t stay in the system long enough for the bile to take the nutrients from the ingested food. Does such stools cause concern?

It depends. If individuals have green poop on a regular basis then it could be a clear indicator that they may have a bigger problem. The reason is that the feces may not be getting enough nutrients during the digestive and elimination cycle. Detoxifying the body may be a good solution and there are lots of natural remedies for constipation that they can check out as well.

One of the very best detoxifying products on the market today is called Bowtrol.

In infants who are breast fed, the occurrence of green feces is a normal thing and does not create any panic. In older children, they may be food related issue or even from non-food related things like ingesting crayons or other colored items.

Other causes & factors:

There are many other factors that may cause your poop to become green. They include…

1. Eating an abundance of green leafy vegetables such as broccoli or products containing chlorophyll like alfalfa can make the feces green.

2. Celiac disease also causes green feces as does some other digestive diseases that reduces the time in which food is digested like Chrohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis as well as IBS.

3. Some Cancers can cause it as well.

4. An iron supplement makes your poop green too.

5. Food poisoning or diarrhea or anything that increases the rate of elimination of waste.

6. Foods containing dyes could also make the feces green.

Does a Colon cleanse reduces them?

A colon cleanse is very beneficial and I highly recommend you get a free bottle of Bowtrol, a healthy colon cleanses itself is very good for the body and you can even lose weigh. You can also do the following things to ensure a clean bowel….

1. Eat foods rich in fiber such as raw vegetables- They contain soluble and insoluble fibers which help to promote a healthy digestive system.

2. Drinking plenty of water- The more fiber is eaten, the more water is needed to drink. Water is a great way to help flush the toxins out of the body.

3. Regular exercise- This really works wonders if a person needs help with constipation.

Occasional green feces are normal and there will be a perfect reasonable explanation. But, if it continues after using Bowtrol, or accompanies with other medical condition like changes in bowel habit, it should be consulted with a physician immediately.