If a female has a medical condition or is unable to get wet due to vaginal dryness of some sort lubricant may be the best choice. Not to say this article is useless to women with difficulty getting self lubricated because she should still be kissed, loved, experimented with and so on; it just may not be useful for the actually process of getting wet. Water based lubricants are condom friendly and sometimes made with glycerin. There is nothing wrong with them per say, however, they do tent to dry out/get absorbed which leaves the skin feeling sticky or tacky. The biggest downfall to these types of lubricants is that they can make yeast infections worse or cause yeast infections in women prone to them. Oil based lubricants are NOT condom friendly and are extremely well known for cause condom damage and breakage. These lubes are best for women in a relationship where condoms are not necessary. They are also perfect for women with vaginal dryness and/or menopause; they take longer to be absorbed into the skin and once completely absorbed they typically leave the skin feeling smooth. Oil based lubricants often have the best, more natural tasting flavors as well. There are also specialty lubes such as tingling, warming, masturbation and anal specific varieties.

Kindness is one of many important things to getting a girl all hot and bothered. A large amount of women claim that what turns them on most is when their man makes loving gestures such as surprises are work, unwarranted help around the house and with the family (if you have one). Doing these types of things consistently is what really puts the icing on the cake and will make her feel appreciated and loved. Taking ownership and apologizing before you are caught, reprimanded, et cetera will also make a big difference in showing that you care. It is also important to make her feel attractive and tell her that she look beautiful; and not just because of the dress she is wearing or the make-up she put on today.

Making her feel number one is also a big key of fingering herself; and no, that was not what the last paragraph was about! Find out what she likes; is she into romance, what are her fantasies, does she have any dirty little secrets? Getting her to open up means she trusts you; which is ultimately love. Not only this, but knowing these things leaves you open to the ability to surprise her with a candlelight dinner and a bed covered in flowers, or fulfilling a life-long fantasy; nothing will get her wet more than the excitement of pleasing her in the manner that she has always dreamed of. It is imperative that in trying to please her you don’t worry about yourself and/or your pleasure; it is OK to have pleasure but she should be the main concern. If you do a good job and leave her satisfied she will probably want to make it up to you and give you a little service too.

There are SO many parts of the body that are simply geared towards pleasure and sex and some may be surprising! The inner thighs are a great area to be kissed, licked, touched and stroked softly. Behind the knees have many nerve endings which means that they are highly sensitive. Licking this area will feel great and probably surprise your lover; it is important not to over-do it or get too rough though because this area will also be prone to irritation due to the level of sensitivity. The wrists are prone to nuzzling and kissing and are a great spot for feeling good while making her feel particularly cared about and loved. The neck should be licked, kissed, bitten and it is going to give her chills all over if you breathe warmly on her neck and whisper sexy/sweet things in her ear. The neck is also a great place to start a massage. The buttocks may be a taboo place for some and this is something that should be discussed first to see what level of comfort the both of you have with this area and what you two are willing to explore. Kissing, spanking and squeezing are some of the more conventional ways to please this area. However, you may also lick the anus (rimming) or penetrate with your finger or penis, again, discuss this first and always be gentle and sanitary. Another taboo body part can be the feet, massages are nice but have you ever thought about licking or sucking toes; this does is not the same as a foot fetish but simply shows how much you appreciate and trust her body. Of course make sure the feet have been washed and are clean that way you both have fun and nobody is embarrassed or unhygienic. The vagina and clitoral area probably seems a little bit obvious; you can play with your fingers, tongue or both and if you are feeling particularly brave and are willing to take direction or research and can try and please her through manipulating the g spot. The breasts are another very sensitive area that is bound to make her feel sensual, licking, caressing, sucking her nipples, squeezing and gentle fondling will almost definitely be a turn on. Last but not least, the lips, they are not only for kissing (which will also make her hot); however, they should be licked, bitten, sucked and kissed softly. Showing a woman that you are willing and ready to play with her entire body and that you are not ashamed of her will really get her going.

The last topic is to try new things. Positions are a start but I cannot tell you what positions you and your lover may or may not have tried. If you both are an open minded sort you can try more kinky options like performing/recording sexual acts for yourselves or for others as well as performing live. You can also spend some time naked in the back yard, at the movies, or in the car, it can be fun to do mild exhibition but please be aware of your surroundings and don’t expose yourselves to children!! There are also many, many games out there to try; card, games, board games, party games, et cetera; to see a wide variety check an adult specialty store. There is also BDSM and it can be divided into any combination of BD, SM, or just B, D, S, M and so on. BDSM means bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism and does not necessarily mean anybody needs to be in pain and each other’s thresholds are extremely important to keep in mind. It can be as simple as melted candle wax or a blindfold or intricate set up to tether you lover to the bed, door or kitchen table. Sadism and masochism get into a much more specific world that includes many things from pain to humiliation and trust is the only option to performing these acts with a lover.

Sex is different for everyone; we all have our own preferences, perversions and desires. In order to have long and healthy (sexual) relationship it is absolutely necessary to be open, willing, kind and honest with your partner and never, ever put someone down for confessing their desires. Being vulnerable and trusting is an important part of being human. Learning to be more connected towards each other is going to play the biggest role in turning your lady on, making her wet, feeling loved and most importantly desiring you!