Improve Vertical & Jump Higher By Getting To The CORE Of This Muscle Group

There are so many muscle groups that you can train to improve vertical jump and jump higher.

All you have to do is a search for any of these terms:? Improve Vertical, Jump Higher, Increase Vertical, Plyometrics, Jumping Exercises, and Increase Vertical Jump and you will find site after site after site willing to show you tips on how to jump higher.


There is a missing link here that I would like to talk about.? What I am referring to is your CORE.

And no, I am not talking about that left over piece of an apple that contains all of the stuff that we don’t like to eat, you know, stuff like the seeds and the stem.

Ironically, I am talking about a muscle group that athletes don’t like to train very often and even purposely neglect.

Let me start by saying this…

If you consistently train your CORE, you will jump higher!? Without a doubt!

So, what is the core?? Well, the unscientific answer is your stomach,? back and hips.? You know that whole area between you upper body and your lower body.

Now…? This is hardcore:)

It is very common for athletes to completely forget about this area.? Or they say that “squating” hits your core good enough to skip core workouts.

Now that’s just not true.

A very large percentage of athletes are seriously out there skipping core work!

Some athletes and trainers even think they should stop exercising the core altogether.

Do this and you will not reach your full jumping potential.? You see, your core is literally the stabilizer of your entire body.

When you jump, all your core muscles contract.? This causes a transfer of power from the hips upwards.

Now, replace your mid-section with a soft feather-pillow.? Your not going anywhere!? Replace it with rock solid abs, oliques and erector spinae…

Now your talking ridiculous hops!

So, whatever you do… DO NOT skip your core workouts!

Here is a list of good core exercises:

1. Reverse Crunches
2. Sit-Ups
3. Superman Holds
4. Plank
5. Side Plank
6. Hanging Leg Raises
7. Sprinter Sit-Ups
8. V Ups
9. All Angle Core Cross
10. Windshield Wipers


Go ahead and get on with it!? Train those core muscles and Increase Your Vertical Jump!