If you have seen some strange bumps appearing on your skin and you are not really able to decide that whether they are pimples or hives, then you should pay attention towards the appearance of ingrown hairs. Well, these reddish bumps might have been generated due to the hairs. If you have done something at that body part that has restricted the natural growth of body hair, then ingrown hairs can come up. If you have used tight clothes and during when you are taking off the clothes, you might have ruptured body hairs and this can even cause into ingrown hairs. Sometime people may not use proper shaving procedure or gel. This can forcefully cut the facial hair and can even lead the way for ingrown hairs. In any case, these appearances are going to hamper your look. The important things to remember is that ingrown hairs can appear at just any body part and they often looks like pimple. Some time ingrown hair in the pubic area can generate a bit pain. But when these ingrown hairs are appearing you need to prevent them. You can use surgical rotating device or the tweezers to take these ingrown hairs off. This is a good way to treat them. Apart from this you need to allow the body hair to grow naturally and when you are waxing or shaving, you should take proper steps to do these tasks. This can eliminate the chances for you to come across ingrown hairs on a long run.

Precautions you can avoid the ingrown pubic hair

Given below are some tips on how to get rid of ingrown pubic hair from Dr. Santa

  • Suppose you’re planning to wax pubic hair then exfoliate area one day before. This can help to remove some dead skin that will at times trap ingrown hair.
  • Remove the pubic hair after bath and shower when the pores are slightly open, and making this simple to remove the hairs from root.
  • You might consider using the depilatory creams for removing the pubic hair. It can get rid of need for the regular shaving or chances for getting the ingrown hair.
  • Wear the loose fitting underwear or clothing as this can help until bumps are totally gone.

Apply warm and moist compress to area for some minutes to soften your skin. Completely wet the clean washcloth with warm water as well as hold this against affected area. While washcloth cools down, you can run this under the warm water again. Suppose you may see ingrown hair embedded at skin, treatment can soften your hair as well as bring this closer to surface. Suppose you cannot initially see hair, leave warm compress on till it rises to skin’s surface.When brought near surface, use the sterile needle and tweezers to tease hair out of your skin and you can sterilize tools by boiling, cleaning with the alcohol, and by cleaning it with the hydrogen peroxide.