For knowing ‘is the condition contagious after using antibiotics’, you need to understand the various types of pneumonia conditions. The types vary according to the causing factors which lead to this situation and you would notice a different set of signs of pneumonia when the infection is caused by virus than bacteria. Also, the treatments vary on the basis of the type of infection and that is the reason why you cannot answer the above question easily. The question on pneumonia contagious is mainly decided by the type of infection that exists and therefore, you cannot be sure about the effects of the antibiotics on the current situation.

Impact of Antibiotics on Pneumonia

Even though the antibiotics can control the situation easily, there is still a chance of pneumonia being contagious after the proper intake of antibiotics. Antibiotics are known to be effective in such conditions which have been caused by bacteria and therefore, you cannot be sure about the response to this question. You also need to know that antibiotics can only contain the growth of bacteria and might lead to a complete cure in some cases but that does not promise to take care of its contagious nature in the early stages of treatment.

Is Walking Pneumonia Contagious

This one is another type of pneumonia which might exist in patients and generally, it is considered to be completely dormant. Usually, it is considered to be a milder version and is generally regarded as the one where the symptoms are present but the impact is only moderate. Even though you might be able to go through your life without much hassle, it is always advisable to get this sort of pneumonia treated. The answer is definitely a yes and that is the reason why you need to get this situation treated as soon as possible. Generic antibiotics are recommended during this condition and more often than not, they are sufficient to take care of the condition completely. However, the contagious nature is still present and it can easily impact another person with severe symptoms. The immunity level of the person coming in the contact of bacteria would determine if the condition would spread to him or not.

Therefore, the question can only be answered by considering various other factors.

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