Spring is in full swing here in the greater Atlanta area. After a winter that was worse than usual, local residents are welcoming warmer temperatures, blooming flowers and a chance to leave their winter coats at home – even if their umbrellas and raincoats are still essential gear.

This time of year, the changing weather offers homeowners the chance to do some spring cleaning in their homes as well as to get outside and start working on the landscape. Lawnmowers are getting their blades sharpened and their oil changed in preparation for another long season of battling the green stuff that never seems to stop growing. It’s also a good time to transplant trees and shrubs before the weather gets too hot to make it safe. Unfortunately, allergy sufferers are already beginning to feel the effects of nature waking up to another year of growth as pollen levels rise.

Indoors, the work includes cleaning up the winter clutter that accumulates when we spend more time indoors. Those allergy sufferers are getting rid of dust, and many are adding air purification systems to their home’s cooling system to filter out more allergens and make their home environment more comfortable.

Many homeowners are also having their central air conditioner checked by professional contractors to make sure they are prepared to handle another 6-8 months of work-horse functioning. The heat and humidity are on their way and it never hurts to be as prepared as possible here in Atlanta, or as we sometimes accurately label it, Hot-Lanta!