Is your heating and air system starting to show its age in your Atlanta home? Are you eager for greater indoor climate control? There are many factors to consider when deciding when to replace your home HVAC system.

In this Atlanta HVAC guide article, we want to take a peek into several of the reasons it may be time to replace your Atlanta home HVAC system. If you want to tell us what finally made you replace your home system, drop into the comments at the bottom of the page and share.

Your HVAC System is Getting Old

Even if you have a system that is 12-15 years old and has been relatively free of costly repairs, unfortunately that won’t last forever. Sometimes waiting to replace an older unit costs more in the end than simply taking the preemptive step of replacing it before it can break down. For example, picture your air conditioner failing when the weather here in Atlanta is 100 degrees with 80% humidity. Local Atlanta HVAC contractors will have their hands full, and won’t be in a position to give you any deals. Plus, if they can’t get to your situation right away maybe you and your family will have to spend a few nights in a local hotel, eating restaurant food. The cost can add up quickly! Offseason HVAC replacement costs in Atlanta are much more affordable than mid-season prices!

You are Continually Facing Costly Repairs

Just like with a vehicle, sometimes it pays to total out the HVAC system and start fresh. You will likely eliminate the need for any immediate and costly repairs since the system will be new and under warranty. The new system will probably be much more efficient, reducing your energy bills from day one, and gives you a chance to make sure you properly maintain the AC unit from the first day you own it!

You Want to Go High Efficiency!

Older heating and cooling systems typically offer only basic performance – single stage heating and cooling, single speed blower fans, operating noise levels that are high, etc.

New HVAC systems for your Atlanta home will offer gentler, more balanced heating and cooling, quieter operation, better humidity control, and more.

You Want to Lower Your HVAC Related Utility Bills

If you replace an 8 SEER central air conditioner with a 16 SEER model, you’ll use half as much energy to cool your home. With models available today exceeding 20 SEER you can see that the savings can be substantial.

You are Building an Addition and the Old System isn’t Large Enough

If you plan to heat and cool your entire home with one central system, you’ll have to replace your current system with one that has more capacity. In the long-run, this will prove more cost-effective than installing a second unit to serve the addition.

If you already spent through your budget, read our list of ways to save money on a home AC unit, and without cutting corners, you may just get a great HVAC system at a great price!

HVAC System Replacement Tips

Reviewing this list may help you decide when to replace your home heating and air system. Now is a good time to make that decision because tax credits, utility company rebates and manufacturer incentives are all being offered.

If you do decide to replace your HVAC system, be sure to get at least 3 estimates from HVAC contractors right here in Atlanta. The easiest way to do that is to use our partnership with QualitySmith, that allows you to get 3 free estimates very quickly from pre-screened, motivated Atlanta HVAC contractors. When contractors compete for your job, you’ll save money on your new heating and cooling system!

Share Your own Tips with Others!

Have you recently decided (or had to) replace your Atlanta home HVAC system? If so, share the reason that drove you to replacement.